EXACTA Temp Xtra Referral Program - Give a Kit, get a kit.

EXACTA Temp Xtra has been our most popular product for a long time, but there are still plenty of dental offices that haven’t tried it. We’d like to change that and we would like your help.

  1. Give your referral card to a friend, colleague, former classmate, etc. You don’t have to physically hand or mail the card to them, just take a picture and send it; as long as it has your ID code visable.
  2. Tell them to give us a call at (800) 474-7665.
  3. We will contact you after they call us to see what shade of EXACTA Temp Xtra you want.

The only criteria we have is that your friend hasn’t tried or purchased EXACTA Temp Xtra before. So please, share EXACTA Temp Xtra with a friend, and get a FREE kit for yourself!