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SpheriChrome Composite


SpheriChrome produces excellent restorations with less effort and fits easily into the everyday office procedure, while delivering on claims to virtually eliminate shade matching. It saves time, yields improved restorations, reduces inventory, and increases patient flow in the office.

SpheriChrome is a dye & pigment free nano-hybrid composite with spherical fillers that produce a chameleon effect and adapts to match the patient’s specific dentin shade.

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The shape and distribution of SpheriChrome’s filler particles allows white light to pass through the composite and combine with the colors of the patient’s surrounding dentin/enamel to reflect a patient specific shade. In cases with severe tooth discoloration or for extended Class III and IV cavities, SpheriBlock if available for masking and blocking.

Tooth shade isn’t the only important factor to consider; strength, surface finish, and shrinkage impacts the overall life and performance of the restoration.

  • Smoother Surface Roughness = better aesthetics and wear; high gloss = less discoloration.
  • Higher Strength = higher wear resistance to withstand chewing forces.
  • Lower Shrinkage = better marginal quality and reduced chance for micro leakage.

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