SpheriChrome Composite


SpheriChrome is a color free universal light cured shade adaptive composite that is truly universal in all ways. Based on the “natural universal structural coloration principle” that occurs in nature, it has been adapted for all classes of dental restorations, dental uses and Vita shades.

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SpheriChrome’s color matching properties and innovative high-tech constructed composite continuously absorbs the color spectrum of the patient’s dentition, matching it exactly. This is accomplished through the composition shape and distribution of the 260-degree spherical fillers inside the material. White or ambient light is refracted and reflected from the patient’s dentition color spectrum giving a perfect match. One product, one naturally occurring color principle, one color adaptive filler yields, multiple shades.

SpheriChrome shows excellent physical properties with good handling features and polishes to a high gloss demanding very little effort. Compared directly to another competitor the SpheriChrome has significantly less shrinkage giving a longer lasting restoration, more color stable, with a smoother surface than the competition giving it less chance for problems as well as superior aesthetics that last longer.

Spherichrome can be prewarmed with a Calset Thermal unit (Addent, Inc) to improve the properties and curing time. This will reduce curing time, increase depth of cure and the polymerization ratio. Gives better marginal adaptation and bottom cure while raising the temp less than 2° C. so there is no pulpal affect.

How the color system works

One Choice – Every shade Esthetically matches every patient with a single colorless, uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers yields “Natural Occurring Chromatic Technology”. Today’s composites mostly operate by having red & yellow dyes or pigments added to simulate shades requiring the dentist to have a large inventory of shades to match the color for the restoration. SpheriChrome utilizes structural color with 200 nm spherical fillers. The fillers are the exact size and shape needed to generate red to yellow color as ambient light passes through the composite without the need for pigments or dyes. This color generation by the spherical fillers combines with the reflected colors of the patients’ dentition creating the perfect match.

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