EXACTA Temp Xtra


Each kit of EXACTA Temp Xtra contains:
1 82g cartridge and 10 mixing tips

Pricing and Quantity Discounts:
1-3 kits: $124.95
4-9 kits: $112.95
10+kits: $105.95

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The new generation of EXACTA Temp Xtra is here! We took the highly successful original formula EXACTA Temp Xtra and introduced it to new nano-particle technology. EXACTA Temp Xtra provisionals are now even stronger and appear more natural. Better yet, its unique ability to bond to itself allows for easy repair of voids, making your job a whole lot quicker and easier. EXACTA Temp Xtra is ideal for single units and yet strong enough for long span bridges. Its high gloss enamel-like finish makes aesthetically pleasing provisionals. Available in 7 shades: NA1-FS, NA2-FS, NA3-FS, NA3.5-FS, NB1-FS, NBL-FS and NC2-FS.


Available Shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C2, Bleach
Mixing Ratio: 4:1
Contents: 50ml, 82g automix cartridge
Tested values:
Compressive Strength: 220 MPa
Bending Resistance: 98 MPa according to ISO 4049
Diam Tear Resistance: 36 MPa
Vicker’s Hardness (dry): 14.5 HV2
Vicker’s Hardness (dry): 14.2 HV2
Water Absorption: 10 µg/mm3
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