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Our bite registration, Nanoceram Universal Composite, and Simplique Cement are our featured products in January. As always, each product is backed by a 30-day risk free guarantee!

Bite Registrations

FRESH Bold Impression Material


20 Years of doing what we love

Twenty years ago we started with the EXACTA Tray. At the time it was our only product. Over the next two decades we have added a variety of materials that dentist use everyday. 

We deeply value our customers and the trust and loyalty they have shown us.

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Top Selling Products

Some of our customers’ favorite products over the years. From the very popular EXACTA Temp Xtra to our ultra-accurate impression material, FRESH Bold VPS, you can find everything you need to make your cosmetic and restorative cases faster, easier, and more profitable.

Top Seller

Temporary Materials

EXACTA Temp Xtra


Bite Registrations

FRESH Bold Impression Material


Impression Trays




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Gone Digital?

While many offices know us for our impression materials and EXACTA Temp Xtra, we have many products suited to offices that have started with digital dentistry.

To discuss the needs of your digital office, contact a specialist at: