Nanoceram-Bright: Universal and Flowable

DMP Dental has developed an innovative manufacturing process that integrates a unique blend of micro and nano-fillers into the resin matrix creating an easy ot sculpt, nano-hybrid composite that achieves superior physical and aesthetic results.

  • Chameleon effect adaptive technology for natural-looking restoration that blends into surrounding teeth.
  • Particle size less than 700nm, for high polishability & polish retention.
  • Low polymerization shrinkage resulting in better marginal integrity.
  • Low water sorption rates with superior strength.

BRIGHT Posterior: Bulk Fill

BRIGHT Posterior is a light curing, radiopaque composite designed for posterior restorations. Its outstanding handling characteristics ensure fast and easy placement with excellent aesthetic results.

  • Fast curing up ot 4m increments.
  • Creamy consistency alows you ot bulk fil without overfiling.
  • Thixotropic flow eliminates the need for heat or
    vibrating devices.
  • Low water sorption &shrinkage rates with high
    strength properties.

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