Let’s start by telling you what we are not:

  • We are not pushy
  • We are not going to waste your time
  • We are not going to trick you into trying/buying something.

We are a good old fashioned company that values customer service.

Our team is composed of people who understand how dental offices work. The newest employee on the customer service team has been with us for 8 years. We will provide you with efficient ordering, customer service, and respect.

Our products:

When we develop a new product, we focus on what value it will bring to a clinician. In some cases, like with ubiquitous products, it might just be a cost savings. In other cases like our new impression material, Dynax®, it is the dynamic range of workflows the product can be used for.

In all cases, we develop products that will function properly, provide good economic value to you, and that we will stand behind.